Coming to ride the New River Trail?

The New River Trail State Park is a linear state park designed for cyclists, walkers/runners, and equestrian uses. There are several parking areas in and around Galax. The terminus of the park is directly off of Hwy 58. Parking is available at the red caboose (no horse trailers in this lot). Cliffview parking is available directly off of Cliffview Road which is accessed from Glendale Rd. in Galax. The Dannelly Park/New River Trail Campground is also accessed off of Cliffview Rd. in Galax. Each of these areas require a parking fee. There are additional (free) parking/access areas scattered around the area. Drop us a line for insider information.

What type of bike?

Cyclists will find the New River Trail to be the flattest riding around. With no grades above 3%, zero stoplights, and zero cars you can enjoy stress-free riding.

Local cyclists ride a wide variety of bikes on the trail. Mountain bikes are most popular and their suspensions smooth out the bumps. Some folks looking for that extra bit of speed will ride their road bikes.  One word of caution, please fit the widest tires possible to avoid pinch flats. The fastest and most mechanically sound option is a cyclocross bike. Cross bikes combine the speed of road bikes with wider tires and a slightly more robust frame to handle the roughness of off-road riding.

Regardless of your choice be sure to bring equipment and knowledge to change your own tire. Cellphone coverage is spotty along the trail and you may find yourself a long way from the car with a flat. A little preparation can go a long way. Need a lesson of tire changing, general upkeep, or heavier maintainence? Let us know, we can arrange it for you.