Coming to Ride in Galax?

Planning a cycling trip to Galax? We can help. We can provide custom routes tailored to any ability for any distance. Need a tour guide? We can provide a ride leader with local knowledge to enhance your ride. Want a slow, informative ride? We can do it. Need a few days of hard mountain riding? We can ride your pace and will show you roads that have rarely seen a bicycle.

What to expect in and around Galax

Inside the city there are really only two roads to avoid as a cyclist: Rt. 58 (directly in town) and Glendale Road (paralleling Rt. 58). While I do ride these roads occasionally out of necessity, Galax Outdoors can give you plenty of alternate routes to avoid this congested, car-infested, area. Any/all other city roads are well suited to cycling.

Outside of the city, roads are perfect for cycling. Routes criss-cross over stereotypical appalachian roads. Twists, turns, climbs, descents, ridges, valleys, creeks, rivers, mountains. The scenery can't be "beat with a stick". Don't expect shoulders but don't expect much traffic, either. I tend to ride 2-3 feet from the edge to avoid any gravelly sections. Take care to move as far to the right as possible to allow for overtaking cars and avoid crossing the center of the road during curves lest you become an overpriced hood ornament. Road surfaces will vary from top-notch fresh tarmac to Virginia's chip-sealed best. Personally, I don't hesitate to ride my best wheels on any local loop and have never experienced any road-caused damage. Go ahead, bring your favorite steed and put it to the test!